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Flop or Flourish Motivotions Day- 14 It's a double flop day

     Sometimes you flourish, but it seems like many more times, you just flop. Too many times in life we become discouraged in the flops. Nothing seems to work out like it's supposed to.
No matter how hard you try to pay off that bill, another unexpected bill will inevitably make its way to your mailbox. You've told your children repeatedly to not color the furniture with nail polish, and the nail polish calls their name, begging to be opened and poured out...anywhere.
You struggle to keep your head above water by cleaning, cleaning and cleaning your house, but you always lose the battle as soon as everyone gets home from school and work.
     There are some days when I feel like all I do is live one big flop. And I don't just flop with crafts, and small problems. Often times I've flopped as a mother and wife, causing damage to my family. Other times, I flop in my friendships, hurting the ones I wish to keep closest. 
      But the most damaging flop is when I ignore the One whom I am supposed to love the most.
It's funny, but in ministry is the one place you would think you can never forget God. He is the one your whole job is based around! But it's easy to get caught up in the doing, and forget who we are doing it for!
     I challenge you to take time to remember Him this week. Remember all that He's done, remember where He's brought you from and where you'd be without his grace!
     Sometimes it helps us to know that we're not the only ones who fail at this.
Here are a few flops to make you feel better and to remind you that we all flop. Just don't forget to get back up and try again!
Setting up for the big project...
Have you seen all those awesome washer necklace tutorials on Pinterest?
Me, too. Except I didn't read the tutorials. I just tried to wing it.
So I started with some small washers.

I laid them on a sheet of cardstock and painted them with various nail polish colors. I tried scooting them as they dried, but they only ended up stuck to the paper. Total flop. I ended up chucking them all. Here's a link to how to do it right.       
Nail Polish Washers

My biggest problem when crafting is that I neglect to make sure I have all the supplies needed before I begin. This project started out really cool. A whole mess of safety pins, and a stash of various beads. This was going to be an awesome bracelet... Except I only had enough stretchy wire to go through one side...and I ran out of safety pins.

So I thought I'd add some beads to the one stretchy wire to make the bracelet. But the safety pins were so heavy, it just didn't work.

I hated to waste all that time, so I threaded the pins through a small plastic headband. Which turned out cute...see below.
Here's the floppy, the headband was now so heavy that it all pulls to the side, and continually pushes my hair forward. The headband then ends up on my forehead.
Want to make the bracelet right? Click Here for instructions for the bracelet above.

Well, you win some, you lose some. Hopefully these flops give you some inspirations for what not to do! You can't flourish until you've hit a few flops, so count them as an accomplishment.
What flops have you accomplished lately?



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