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Flop or Flourish Motivotions- Day 16 DIY Sparkly Martini Glasses

Posted by Amy DeWitt on 11:30 PM
I'm back! After a long break, I have finally returned! Ever heard of Murphey's Law? Or the term, when it rains, it pours?
Yep, that's been my life these past few weeks. It all started with my camera. I almost always have my camera with me. After a trip to King's Island, where I took loads of pictures, I couldn't find my camera. The card in my camera contained several of my projects I had planned on posting.
I always tell my daughter that if she loses something, it's probably time to clean her room. I took my own advice and not only cleaned my room as normal, but decided to clean under my bed. I found the camera under my my shoe...turned upside down. I did a little victory dance then and there.
Since my camera incident, it seems like bad news has been coming in droves to the DeWitt family!
Please keep my husband in your prayers. He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis two weeks ago. He was also informed he would need surgery on both of his feet to correct the problems he is having with his knees and hips.
Now we're battling insurance for the surgery pre-auth. Of course, with health in."
Insurance, we get ten different answers from ten different people.
"We don't cover podiatry
"We don't cover surgeries of any kind."
"Oh, you are in open enrollment, and can switch insurance plans."
"Your open enrollment isn't until July."
"My bad, I see where you checked (certain plan) on your application, but you were put on another plan. Sorry, can't change it now."
"Yes, may be covered, if medically necessary if coded right and not done by your doctor."
"We'll call you back in a week to let you know."
With this frustration, and spotting a couple of fleas on my two tiny morkie dogs, studying for classes and writing curriculum for our children's ministry, I obviously have not had much time for new projects.
I did make a small exception for my daughter's Paris-themed 12th birthday.
I bought some plain martini glasses from Goodwill for 99 cents each. I also found this glass thingamabobs for 49 cents each. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be. It almost looks like a Christmas bulb, but it's slightly wider and has two random leaves on the side. But when I saw them, I thought a placecard would fit perfectly behind the leaves.
For each girl attending, I cut their initials on my Cricut Expression. I cut them adhesive backed paper and pressed them onto the glass. I began using Mod Podge over the letter and around the cup before adding the glitter, but I found that a good can of spray adhesive worked much better. After we sprinkled on the glitter, I removed the paper initials.
 I had my husband spray them with a little clearcoat to keep the glitter in place. I filled the dip in the glass with M&Ms and Skittles, and placed a cupcake on top.
We also glittered up the ornament thingamabob and made placecards for each girl. A napkin, spoon (for the yummy ice cream) and straw was placed into our ornamental whatchamacallit thing.

The cupcake toppers were made by cutting the Eiffel Tower from the Cricut onto adhesive backed paper. I cut a cupcake wrapper and sandwiched a toothpick between the Tower and the cupcake wrapper.

I threw some fabric onto the table and pinned it up with a hairband/pin flower.

Girls Night In

My beautiful birthday girl.



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