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Flop or Flourish Day-6 Family Exploding box

Posted by Amy DeWitt on 6:57 PM
Family is of greatest importance in our household. My husband regularly takes our girls out for special daddy-daughter date nights. My favorite time is our family movie nights, where we get out the sleeping bags and spread them across the living room floor. Popcorn and usually cinnamon rolls are usually shared with a Disney backdrop.
Today we picked up Allycat from camp and decided to do nothing for the rest of the day, but relax together. Sure, there are a few dishes to be done, some laundry still waiting in her very large suitcase, and there are always random messes to clean. But time together as a family, ignoring the tasks at hand, is the blessing we had tonight.
This afternoon I spent a few hours working on random crafts with my girls. My Allycat has gotten into making fancy-schmancy friendship bracelets. We used to braid three threads together and tie them when I was a kid. She works with all kinds of different knots to make crazy-cool designs.
So, as the girls worked on bracelets, I put together the exploding box I'd seen on Pinterest. Supplies needed:
4 sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock, scissors, a measuring board or ruler, glue, and embellishments.
Using 3 sheets of the 12x12 cardstock, I cut the following:
9 x 9
8 5/8 x 8 5/8
8 1/4 x 8 1/4

I folded the sides in so there were 3 equal sides.

 Then I turned it and folded it again, making 3 more equal sides. This gave the appearance of 9 boxes.

I cut off the four corners, leaving a "plus sign."
I repeated this process with the other papers I had cut.
Layering the papers from largest to smallest, I glued the centers together. This forms the box.
What you place on the inside flaps is up to you. I was experimenting, so I didn't really have much picked out to do on the inside of the box.

The lid of the box was cut from cardstock as well. I trimmed the page to 6 1/4 x 6 1/4. I folded this piece just like the others, but instead of cutting the four corners, I folded them in 3 inches on each side, to look like this,

 and glued the corners in, thus forming the shape of the lid. I paper-clipped the corners as the glue dried.

Decorate as you wish, and when you open the box, all the flaps are exposed.

 What flourish have you accomplished lately? Tell me about it!


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