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Tolerance... How does it apply to you?

Posted by Amy DeWitt on 8:04 PM in , , ,
Lately I've been thinking about society's idea of tolerance. Everywhere you look, the idea of tolerance is not only presented, but pushed. It's a word that carries controversy all on its own.
As a Christian woman, when I hear this word, it's usually in reference to issues such as homosexuality or alternative lifestyles. And usually it comes with a great deal of anger pointed at the Christian community for not agreeing with these types of living.  Christians are often called intolerant, hateful, and unaccepting for their non-agreement.
Case in point, the Chick-Fil-A controversy.

We are taught by society that we all must be tolerant. But what does that really mean? Does tolerance mean you can disagree with someone, but still love and accept them? If that is the meaning, I can deal with that. Most times, though, the only acceptable versions of "tolerance" are  agreeing, don't say anything negative about the issue, even promote the issue positively at times.
What is the real meaning, and where should a true Christian fall on the spectrum of tolerance?
And are Christians the only ones in this battle, or do those living in their chosen lifestyles need to be tolerant of Christians and their views?
In other words, is tolerance only one-sided?
What's your view, as a Christian? How should a Christian respond to Chick-Fil-A's statements recently? How should we respond to the world around us when they come against those views?
Let me know what you think.


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