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Flop or Flourish Motivotions Day- 12 tie wallet

Posted by Amy DeWitt on 7:16 PM
I spent a day in the unfamiliar. Brand new territory for me. Middle school.
It's crazy to think my daughter, the one I brought home from the hospital as a 7lb. baby, is old enough for middle school. She definitely doesn't look old enough to me. Especially after seeing her new peers.
Since I had volunteered during registration, she was able to explore the school, find all of her classes, and practice opening her locker.
When I joined her at her locker, the air was heavy with stress. I noticed a number of students nearly in tears, some leaning their heads on their lockers and banging on the front panel with their fists.
What had them all in such a state of panic? The trauma of figuring out how to open their lockers with this strange combination code.
One parent refused to leave the school until her daughter could figure out how to open her locker. They were in the hallway an hour and a half later as we left the building...
The unfamiliar can be scary. Getting out of your comfort zone can be even scarier.
I'm pushing myself to do more for the Lord this year than ever before. Not for His satisfaction, because He will love me the same, but for myself. This takes me out of my comfort zone, but the payoff for me is far greater.
Bust out of that comfort zone. You'll be glad you did. Flourish in who God created you to be!
Today, I was inspired by some etsy "window" shopping. I found several upcycled tie ideas, and after deciding a tie skirt was way above my skill level at this point, I went for a wallet. Since my husband used to wear a tie almost every week, (Thank God we've been delivered from always having to dress to the nines just to attend church.) he has a huge collection of ties. The good, the bad, the ugly.
I don't have step by step pictures, but I've included the instructions.
First, I cut the thinnest piece of the tie. I cut about a 3 inch piece, and cut in half to make the tab. Then, I cut the tie to the desired length. I wanted it to be just big enough to fit a cell phone. I sewed a hemline before I began the edges.

I then sewed all three edges, placing the tab as I sewed the last edge. A key ring was added to the tab. I will probably add a button of some type to the flap to finish it off. A cell phone fits perfectly behind the diamond shape, and credit cards fit in the pouch. Love this, and going to make more! Let me know what you think!


So crafty!!! I used to be handy on the sewing machine, even making my prom dresses, but those days are gone filled with work and errands and my son. I love your pushing the limits with your new blog, flourishing in God. Looking forward to more posts!

Thanks for the encouragement, Samantha! I was wondering if anybody was even reading these things! haha.
I have let my busy-ness get in the way of fun for too long, so this is my attempt at enjoying the life God has given me! Glad you're enjoying it!

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